Brooklyn, NY

171,000 SF



A new mixed-use development on a highly visible site at the intersection of Flatbush and Caton Avenues in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn will replace the existing Flatbush Caton Market, which is an important part of the local business community.  This structure seamlessly melds a vibrant and supportive retail atmosphere with a soaring residential space that encourages the aspirations of its occupants.  The comprehensive redesign incorporates the rich Caribbean-American neighborhood flavor, while re-positioning the market as a center of community activity and commerce. This redeveloped structure will also preserve the outdoor market space at the southeast corner of the site and make use of a proposed cascading green wall to shield the market from southbound sunlight, as well as provide a natural delineation between commercial and residential components.  This 9 story residential element rests on top of the market and will house approximately 132 apartments.  It will also include space dedicated for use by a locally-based, nonprofit community group that provides central support for both the market and community at large.