SOBRO Rental

Bronx, NY

23,174 SF (Popham)
18,459 SF (Chisholm)

South Bronx Overall Economic
Development Corporation (SoBRO)

Heritage Architecture worked on Foxhurst and Morris Heights Bronx developments, two As-of-Right proposals located at 1647 Popham Avenue and 1319 Chisholm Street in the Bronx.

For the 1647 Popham Street proposal, Heritage Architecture chose to divide the horizontal facade into two-six story row-house façades set against a modern panelized seven-story background that steps back to reduce the scale of the building to visually relate to the surrounding buildings. The exterior brick wall material continues into the lobby as a transitional element. Adjacent to the lobby is a recreation room with windows facing the tree-lined street.  In addition to the ground floor recreation space, we have located an outdoor common space on the green roof with long skyline views as well as views to the street below. Popham proposal is comprised of 21 affordable rental housing units, ranging from 0, 1, 2, to 3 bedrooms.

For the 1319 Chisholm Street proposal, Heritage Architecture created an addition to the streetscape that will provide a graceful transition from the traditional, small scale residential buildings to the south and the larger scale multi-family properties to the north.  We do this by responding to the traditional residential properties in material, rhythm, and scale, while introducing clean, modern detailing. Chisholm proposal is comprised of 13 home ownership affordable housing units, a majority 2 bedrooms in size.