Reveal For 1480 New York Avenue, East Flatbush, Brooklyn

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August 17, 2017

1480 New York Avenue, rendering by Heritage Architecture

1480 New York Avenue, rendering by Heritage Architecture

Building applications have been filed for a new development at 1480 New York Avenue, in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, and today YIMBY can reveal what the project will look like, with plans designed by Summer Alhamash of Heritage Architecture. The seven-story structure will contain a mix of community facility and residential space.

Plans at the DOB show the total area will measure 65,025 square feet, including 7,800 square feet of community facility space, and 39,971 square feet of residential space. The latter will be divided between 89 units, for an average size of 450 square feet.

The building will be used as a senior residence, and the community facility component will provide services for those living in the apartments up above.

Despite the constraints of the location and occupancy, the plans for the structure are quite attractive, employing a restrained pallet of neutral colors for the facade. 

The base of the building will feature large floor-to-ceiling glass windows, opening the project to the street, and its envelope will also conform to the sidewalk, enhancing the neighborhood street-wall. The rendering also shows greenery cascading down portions of the exterior, though whether that is realized remains to be seen.

Ericka Keller of Bel Community Housing Associates applied for the permits, and the site is being developed in conjunction with Evangelical Crusade Christian Church. Completion is expected by 2019.

By: Nikolai Fedak

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