Orange, NJ

193,000 SF


Preservation Development Partners

High Efficient Lighting

Heritage Architecture designed complete upgrades for the 11-story, 237 units, Senior Housing apartment building in Orange, NJ. This included site alterations, total roof replacement and interior alterations of the units and common areas. The design resulted in a greatly improved experience of the resident's arrival and entry into the building. Site alterations included replacement of the parking lot and improved storm water drainage, new walkways with ADA compliant accessibility, new landscaping, inviting outdoor seating areas and all new site lighting with high efficiency light fixtures. The building's interior alterations included new floor, wall and ceiling finishes, kitchen cabinets, appliances, counter-tops, fixtures, replacement of bathroom fixtures and accessories in the residential units and a new floor, wall and ceiling finishes in the common areas and community room. Security improvements include a new central security desk and improved lighting at all common areas, lobby and hallways with energy efficient fixtures. Upgrades in electric, plumbing and building life safety systems were designed to meet current code requirements.