Newark, NJ

350,000 SF


Newark Public Schools (NPS)
Office of Design

High Efficiency Roof-Mounted
Gas Heat-Pump and Ductwork

Heritage Architecture designed renovations and repairs for the existing athletic field in Newark, NJ including: new equipment, fixtures, finishes, furnishings, windows, lighting, a fire alarm system, and a heating/cooling system. The project included alterations to the bathrooms to make them ADA accessible. The project included improvements, new finishes, and new furnishings for the existing press box. The result was total aesthetic improvements for the athletic facility. Heritage Architecture designed repairs for the track and field finishes. The team also designed new storage buildings on either side of the field. The athletic facilities design included window replacement, door and hardware, envelope upgrades, new lighting design, and new furnishings. The locker rooms were upgraded with benches and lockers.  Heritage Architecture’s design focused on creating new interior finishes; epoxy flooring and paint. The toilet room and shower rooms were ADA upgraded. The HVAC design included new high efficiency roof-mounted gas heat-pump and ductwork. The fire alarm system was upgraded to meet current lifesafety code requirements, and the maintenance office’s door and hardware were replaced.