Brooklyn, NY

22,317 SF (Stockholm)
5,900 SF (Eldert)


Brisa Builders Corporation
Evergreen City, LLC
Kingdom Faith Developers

Heritage Architecture worked on Bushwick Manor, a two As-of-Right proposal options located at 63 Stockholm Street and 332 Eldert Street in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

The 63 Stockholm Street proposal is comprised of 24 affordable housing units, ranging from 0, 1, 2, to 3 bedrooms, and a superintendent’s apartment. The horizontal facade was divided into four, 3 story row-house facades set against a modern panelized four-story background that steps back to reduce the scale of the building to visually relate to the surrounding buildings. The exterior brick wall material continues into the lobby as a transitional element. Adjacent to the lobby is a recreation room with windows facing the tree-lined street.  In addition to the ground floor recreation space, we have located an outdoor common space on the green roof with long skyline views as well as views to the street below.

The 332 Eldert Street proposal is comprised of 7 affordable housing units, ranging from 1, 2, to 3 bedrooms in size. All 32 marketed residential units are 130% AMI. The proposal created an addition to the streetscape that will provide a graceful transitions from the traditional, small scale residential buildings to the south and the larger scale, modern properties to the north.  We do this by responding to the traditional residential properties in material, rhythm, and scale, while relating to the newer, larger structures by incorporating, clean, modern detailing.