Brooklyn, NY

46,000 SF


BMH Affiliates, LLC.

Passive House

Bethany Senior Homes is a 74-unit residential community in East Flatbush, Brooklyn providing affordable senior housing and on-site services for low income seniors. One of the first projects developed under Brisa Evergreen’s Sustainability Campaign, the Passive House certified development emphasizes good health and indoor air quality, active design, and best practices to lower senior’s energy costs.

Addressing the local architectural context as well as its natural environment, the four story building respects the surrounding neighborhood with its planning, reduced height and massing. The building provides a comfortable, high quality living environment with sustainable interior finishes, natural lighting and views to outdoor green spaces.

The on-site services consist of a large community room and office area designed to benefit the seniors. Additionally, a community facility space is planned as a medical clinic to serve the local community and the residents.

The super-insulated envelope, and ultra high efficiency are designed to meet Passive House standards. Sustainable materials specified include locally harvested and manufactured, low impact finishes and furnishings. LED lighting is used throughout to reduce energy consumption which is controlled by motion sensors and lighting controls. PV panels provide on-site power generation, and a grey water system will reduce water consumption.